Update Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance

You can update only those Qyalys Containerized Scanner Appliances that are marked as ready. The appliances that are ready will be marked with a green icon ( ).

To update a Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance:

  1. Navigate to Scans > Appliances.

    Scanner appliances list
  2. For a containerized scanner appliance you want to update, point your cursor on the appliance and select the more options arrow > Edit.

    Quick Actions from the appliance dropdown

    Select the Qualys Containerized Scanner Appliance you want to update. Its details are displayed in the Preview section. In Preview, click Actions > Edit.

    Quick Actions from the Preview pane
  3. In the Edit Scanner Appliance window, edit the required details.
  4. Click Save. The changes are updated, and a success message is displayed.