Using multiple scanner appliances in parallel

Scan your asset group using multiple appliances at the same time

The "All Scanners in Asset Group" option lets you scan all the IPs in your asset groups using the scanner appliances in those groups. This option is available for vulnerability scans and compliance scans.

By default up to 5 appliances will be used for scanning hosts in an asset group. This default can be customized for your subscription. Please contact your Account Manager or Support if you are interested in this option.

I'm ready to get started. What are the steps?

1) Create an asset group. Add the hosts you want to scan, and the scanner appliances that will be used to scan that group.

2) Launch a scan. Select the asset group you want to scan and the Scanner Appliance option "All Scanners in Asset Group".

Want to scan multiple asset groups, with different scanners?Want to scan multiple asset groups, with different scanners?

No problem, just launch one scan. In your scan settings select your asset groups and the Scanner Appliance option "All Scanners in Asset Group". The scan is distributed among the scanner appliances in each target asset group. Learn moreLearn more

For example, if target asset group A has 3 appliances SA1, SA2, SA3, then all the IPs in asset group A will be distributed among all 3 appliances (SA1, SA2, SA3). Appliances in target asset group A are not used to scan IPs in target asset group B or C.

You can also choose the "All Scanners in Network" option to launch scans using all the scanner appliances in your network.

Appliance versions must be in sync

Software versions on appliances in the same asset group must be in sync: vulnerability signatures version and scanning engine version. Learn moreLearn more

Let's consider these scenarios.

- One of the appliances in the pool has a version that does not match the other appliances. This appliance will not be used.

- Some appliances have the same versions and others do not. In this case the appliances with the most matching versions are used, regardless if the software is not the most current.