All Scanners in TagSet - How does it work?

At scan time, we'll resolve each asset tag that you've specified in the scan target to IP addresses in your account and to scanner appliances in your account.

For example:

Tag1 = and Scanner1

Tag2 = and Scanner2

If you specify Tag1 and Tag2 for your scan, we'll use Scanner1 to scan and Scanner2 to scan

Which tags can I pick for the scan?

You must choose IP Network Range tags for the scan target. These are tags defined with IP address rules. All other tags will be ignored.

Do you have networks?

Let's say Tag1 is part of Network1 and Tag2 is part of Network2. If you select Network1 and specify Tag1 and Tag2, we'll scan using Scanner1. We'll ignore and Scanner2 because they are not part of the selected network.

What if the tag doesn't resolve to a scanner?

If you specify a tag that is not assigned to a scanner appliance you will get an error and your scan will not launch. Make sure all tags in your scan target are assigned to scanner appliances or choose a different scanner appliance option.

How to assign tags to your scanners

It's easy to do. Go to Scans > Appliances, edit the scanner appliance you're interested in, and select one or more tags for the appliance.