Choose a Processing Priority Level

Choose a priority level for each vulnerability scan

Have an important scan that you want processed before other scans? No problem. Just prioritize the scan by choosing a processing priority level at scan time. We offer nine priority levels with the highest priority being 1 - Emergency and the lowest priority being 9 - Low. We'll process scans with priority before we process scans with no priority. By default, new scans are set to 0 - No Priority.

Finished scans are processed before running scans

We'll process your vulnerability scans in this order:

- finished scan with priority set

- finished scan with no priority

- running scan with priority set

- running scan with no priority

Tell me about Host scan time

Host scan time is based on when a scan is finished, not when the scan started. We’ll get the scan end date/time from QID 45038 "Host Scan Time". If this QID was not included in your vulnerability scan then we'll use the scan start date/time.