Scan Your Amazon EC2 Hosts

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Get an overview and steps to sync inventory and metadata from an AWS account, deploy Qualys sensors, scan, and view the security and compliance of your AWS EC2 instances.

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What you'll need

EC2 Scanning feature must be enabled for your subscription. Contact your Technical Account Manager or Support to get this feature. (Not available to Express Lite.)

Your account must have a Manager or Unit Manager role.


We provide these methods for scanning...

Scan using a Virtual Scanner Appliance

Using the virtual scanner appliance, you can scan your EC2 instances.

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New EC2 Scan option on Scans tab

Cloud Perimeter Scan using External Scanners

Qualys External Scanners (Internet Remote Scanners), located at the Qualys Cloud Platform, may be used for perimeter scanning of EC2 instances.

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New Scan option on Scans tab

Internal Scan using Cloud Agents

Using our revolutionary Qualys Cloud Agent platform you can deploy lightweight cloud agents to continuously assess your AWS infrastructure for security and compliance.

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Install New Agent button on Agents tab in Cloud Agent