Static Vulnerability Search List

A static search list has a specific list of vulnerabilities (QIDs) that you select. Perform a search of the KnowledgeBase to find the QIDs you want, then add them to your static search list. When a static search list is used, only the QIDs saved in the search list are included in the action.

Here are a few ways you can use static search lists:

- Create a static list of QIDs for troubleshooting and verifying authentication.

- Create a static list of QIDs to exclude from scans and reports.

How many QIDs can I add to my search list?

You can add an unlimited number of QIDs.

Create a Static Search List

The example here demonstrates to create the static search list for custom vulnerabilities (QIDs).

Follow these steps to create a static search list:

1. Navigate to Reports tab > Search Lists > New and click Static List.

2. Provide the Title for your search list.

3. Select QIDs from the list or provide custom QIDs manually.

For demonstration, custom QIDs here are provided manually.

4. Click Save to save your static list.

Your static search list is saved.

You can use this search list for reports, scans, or in knowledgeBase. See use case examples for when to use a Dynamic list vs. Static list.

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