EC2 Scans

Give the scan a title

Enter a title for easy identification.

Choose scan options

The profile you choose determines the scan settings that will be used.

Choose a scanner appliance

Note - This option is disabled until you've selected a connector, platform and region/VPC.

Choose 'Build my list' to select multiple appliances. The list displays only the appliances that are currently in Connected status.

EC2-Classic (Selected Region) - When selected, the list shows appliances deployed in EC2-Classic Only. Scanning across Classic to VPC or vice-versa is not allowed by AWS.  

EC2-VPC (All VPCs in Region) - When selected, the list shows all appliances for all VPCs within the selected region.

EC2-VPC (Selected VPC) - When selected, the list shows appliances in the selected VPC and other VPCs that can reach the targets through a VPC peering connection. VPC info is shown for each scanner appliance.

The Show All link will display all the scanner appliances that are available across all regions in the Scanner Appliances dropdown.

Choose a scanner appliance

Select External to use our cloud scanners, or select one or more of your scanner appliances. Choose 'Build my list' to select multiple appliances for the scan job.

Choose a priority level

Set priority in order to have this scan processed ahead of other scans. You can choose from nine priority levels with the highest priority being 1 - Emergency and the lowest priority being 9 - Low. Scans with no priority will be processed after scans with priority.

Select a connector

Select the EC2 connector for the AWS integration you want to run the scan on.

Need a connector? You can create EC2 connectors within the AssetView application. Select AssetView from the application picker, go to the Connectors tab, and then select Actions > Create EC2 Connector. A wizard will walk you through the steps for selecting EC2 hosts to scan. You'll be prompted to assign them asset tags as part of this process.

EC2-Classic (Selected Region)

Choose this option to scan EC2 classic hosts in a particular region.

EC2-VPC (All VPCs in Region)

Choose this option to scan all of the VPCs in a particular region. Select this option ONLY if there is peering between all the VPCs in the region, or you could end up with "Host not found" errors for those instances where scanners cannot reach them.

EC2-VPC (Selected VPC)

Choose this option to scan only the selected VPC.

Only scan EC2 classic hosts

Choose this option to avoid scanning VPC hosts in your region. Only tags for classic EC2 hosts will be available.

Load Balancer DNS Names

Select the check box to include public load balancers in the scan from the selected connector. When you select the "Include Public Load balancers from selected connector" check box, we fetch public load balancers from the AWS connector in CloudView that has the same configuration as that of the selected connector. If you select this option, ensure that you have the connector created in your CloudView account with configuration similar to that of the selected connector. If the connector in CloudView is not found, then selecting this option won't fetch any public load balancers.

With this option, you can also click Add to provide DNS names for your load balancers to include them in the scan.

Select tags to scan

Add tags to specify the EC2 hosts to be scanned. To find a tag in the tag selector, begin typing the tag name in the Search field. Click a tag to select it, then click outside the tree to add the selected tags. Want to exclude hosts from the scan? Add tags to the "Do not include" section.

Select All to include hosts that match all of the tags listed. Select Any to include hosts that match at least one of the tags listed.

Scan EC2 Instance IDs

Select this option to filter your target host selection (connector, platform, region/vpc, tags) to only scan specific EC2 instances. You can enter up to 10 instance IDs. Instance IDs can be specified with or without tags.

When you uncheck this option, any instance IDs previously entered will be cleared.

Get email notifications

Tell us who should be notified when this scan is finished, and enter a custom email message.