Give the schedule a title

The title you enter will appear in the schedules list and also in the scans list each time this scan runs.

Change the owner

Select a user to be the owner of this schedule. The task owner will receive scheduled scan notifications, when enabled.

Choose the type of scan job

Select Now for a one-time scan to run at the next available opportunity. Select Recurring to schedule the scan to run later or on a regular basis.

Tell us when to start the scan

Select the starting date and time for this schedule and your local time zone (GMT shift and location). If you select a time zone that observes Daylight Saving Time, then the "Auto adjust during Daylight Saving Time" option is selected by default. The start time will be adjusted automatically during time changes so you don't have to make any edits to your schedule. 

Set a max run time for the scan

Have the scan paused or cancelled if it runs longer than a set number of hours/minutes.

How to resume a paused scan

You can choose to have the scan manually resumed by a user, or you can resume it automatically after a set number of days/hours. The value you set for pause will determine the minimum value you can set for resume.

Tell us how often to scan

Run the scan daily, weekly or monthly (or every 2 days, every 3 weeks, etc). You can choose Relaunch on Finish for continuous scanning when this feature is enabled for your account.

Tell us how many times to scan

Your scan will run indefinitely unless you tell us how many times to run the scan. The schedule will be deactivated when the set number of occurrences is reached.

Get email notifications

Tell us when you want notifications sent - days, hours or minutes before the scan starts or when the scan is finished. Emails are sent to the task owner and the distribution groups that you select.

Get email notifications

Tell us who should be notified when this scan is finished, and enter a custom email message.

Deactivate the schedule

Select this option to prevent the scan from running at its scheduled time. Clear this option to re-activate the schedule.