Setting Up a Virtual Host

A virtual host configuration consists of the IP address of the virtual host, the port number to be associated with the hosted domains, and one or more domain names (FQDNs) to be hosted by the IP address.

What is a virtual host?

A virtual host is a single machine that acts like multiple systems, hosting more than one domain. For example, an ISP could use one server with IP address to host two Web sites on the same port: and

What's the benefit to setting up a virtual host?

By creating a virtual host configuration you ensure that the scanning engine analyzes all domains associated with an IP address, possibly increasing the number of vulnerabilities detected.

What are the steps?

Go to VM/VMDR > Assets > Virtual Hosts. Create a new virtual host from the New menu or edit an existing virtual host from the Quick Actions menu. You can add 5000 virtual hosts in your subscription.

Tell me about user permissions

When the VM application is enabled for the subscription, all Managers can create and edit virtual host configurations. Other users must be granted these extended permissions in their user account: Manage VM and Create/edit virtual hosts.