Creating a new Tag

You can create a custom tag and associate the required assets to it.

While creating a user in VMDR Mobile, when you select a tag, all the assets associated to that tag are automatically assigned to that user.

To create a new tag:

1) Navigate to Users tab and click Create User from the New drop-down.



2) On Create New: User page, enter the required information in the Personal Information section and then click Next.



3) On the Assign Tags page, click Create Tag to create a new custom tag.

4) On the Basic Details page, add the following details:

- Name: Add a valid name for the tag

- Mark as Favourite: Select this check-box to mark the tag created as favorites. The tags marked as favorites have star marked against them.

- Description: Add a description for the tag

- Asset Criticality Score: Enable this field using the toggle button, and select a required score on a scale of 1 to 5

- Tag Properties: Select a tag color from the drop-down options available

- Parent Tag: Select a parent tag if required

5) Click Create.

The new tag is ready for use.