February 09, 2024

What's New?

User Name Details for Intune Synced Assets

With this release, you can now see the user name for the Intune synced assets. As a result, based on the user name, you can find the Intune synced assets with the Enrolled status. You can send emails to concerned users referring to the user name details. Also, having visibility to the user name information helps you track the Intune synced assets. 

When you navigate to the Inventory tab, you can see the user name under the User column. Also, you can see the first name and last name of the user. Before this release, the user name was not shown for Intune synced assets. Instead, "-" was shown under the User column. 

User name for Intune Assets.

Also, when you go to the "Asset Details" page and click the Asset Summary tab, you can see the user name. Before this release, the "-" value was shown for the user name.

User name on asset details page.

Issues Addressed

See the summary of customer CRMs fixed in this release.

Component/Category Description
SEM Release Duplicate records were shown in the case of one of the QQL queries run from the Vulnerabilities tab using both the vulnerability and asset QQLs.