Importing Assets to VMDR OT

Asset inventory can also be created using VMDR OT Out of band configuration assessment. Assets can be imported using the project files. The project files are collected from programming and maintenance software. You can upload the project files to the VMDR OT application. They are accessible from the account. The VMDR OT application parses the uploaded project file with valuable data and creates assets from the data gathered.

On the Import Assets tab, there is an option to upload project files.

In the upper left corner, there is the total count of project files uploaded. In the search bar, QQL queries can be built to narrow down the scope of the file search by using the supported search tokens. See Search Tokens for VMDR OT.

Use the left pane filters to search for files grouped into various categories. After clicking a category in this list, the selection gets translated into a QQL query in the search bar. The files that fit into the selected category are displayed in the table.

The import asset table contains  the following details:

- File name

- Hash of the file

- Extension type

- Status* like Imported, Importing, Failed, and Deleted

- Plant location from where the files are gathered

- When the file was last updated

- Vendor of the file

- Total number of assets in the file

* Different statuses  of the file are:

Importing - file is still uploading

Imported - file is imported successfully

Deleted - file is deleted

Failed - file could not be imported

To upload the file, click Upload Project Files.

Provide the Plant Location name, select the file from the saved location using browse and click Upload.

VMDR OT application supports project files with extensions like cxp, RSS, zip, Xml,  d5Z, zef, xef, cfg and many more.

Note: The file extensions are case sensitive; ensure that the extensions you upload are supported.

The file is uploaded and shows the status as Imported.

For more details on generating the project file from programming and maintenance software, refer to Generating a Project File.

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