Release 1.0.4

April 22, 2024

What's New?

Customized Solution Comments in Vulnerability Details

With this release, Customized Solution Comments for ICS QID from VM/VMDR can now be viewed in the General Information section of Vulnerability Details. This allows you to write customized solutions specific to your environment. Your comment is then added to the Vulnerability.

To add the solution comment for the vulnerability, go to VM/VMDR > KnowledgeBase and select Edit from the Quick Actions menu of the desired QID. 

Go to the Solution section, and enter your Solution Comments.

To view the Customized Solution Comment in VMDR OT, navigate to the Vulnerabilities tab > KnowledgeBase.

Select the desired QID and navigate to the General Information Section to view the Customized Solution Comments.

viewing Customized Solution Comment.

Software Version in Asset Details Page

With this release, you can now view the software version of the asset along with all other existing details such as manufacturer, model, hardware version, firmware version, and so on.

To view the Software Version, go to the Assets tab and select the asset to view details. Click the System Information tab and find the Software Version under Specifications.

View software version in UI.

Software Version in CSV File of Assets List

With this release, you can view the software version in the asset download report. This enhancement ensures improved visibility of asset details, complementing the availability of Software Version information in the System Information Section of the Asset Details page.

You can download the asset list from the Assets tab using the download icon  located at the top right corner.

View download option.

The following image shows a CSV file downloaded from the Assets tab.

View software version in CSV.

Enhanced Filter to Search ICS Hardware Vulnerabilities 

With this release, the ICS has been introduced as a Supported Module for searching ICS hardware vulnerabilities using filters. It enhances the ability to search for hardware vulnerabilities specific to VMDR OT. This update helps you to identify and address vulnerabilities within your operational technology infrastructure.

To use this filter, navigate to the Vulnerability tab > KnowledgeBase > Filter.

View ICS supported module.

Improved Interface for Multiple Tabs

To enhance user experience, a design update is implemented to improve the aesthetic consistency within our interface. Specifically, the first column across the Assets tab, Network Tab, Open Port tab, Import Assets tab, and Vulnerabilities have been modified. These columns are now displayed in bold, aligning them visually with the formatting of other columns. 

Asset Name in Asset Details Page

When an asset is present without a name, its MAC Address is displayed as the name on the Assets tab. If the asset has no name or MAC Address, its IP address is displayed as the name. This was shown in the list of assets on the Assets tab, but it was blank on the Asset Details page. With this release, we have enhanced the Asset Details page to ensure consistency. The asset name now matches across the Assets tab and the Asset Details Page, improving clarity.

View Asset name