Auto-update of Assets

You can now configure assets to be automatically renamed when a key attribute such as DNS, NETBIOS,INSTANCE_ID, IP address associated with an asset is updated.

A host asset name is derived based on the key attributes (such as DNS, NETBIOS,INSTANCE_ID, IP address). If an attribute name changes, then it did not automatically reflect in the host asset name. Users had to manually rename such host assets. To avoid this manual and tedious task, you can enable and use the automatic update feature.

Note: The automatic update for asset name is an optional feature and is disabled by default. To enable this feature for your subscription, please contact Qualys Support.  

Once you enable the feature, the asset name is automatically updated across your enterprise, whenever any key attribute (such as DNS, NETBIOS,INSTANCE_ID, IP address) changes.

Disable Auto-Update of Assets

Once you enable this feature, the host asset name is automatically updated whenever any of the key attribute changes. If you want to disable automatic update of certain assets , you can simply rename the asset name.

Go to Assets > Assets tab, select the asset to be renamed. From the quick actions menu, select View Asset Details. On the Asset Summary pane, click Rename link to rename the asset. Once you manually rename an asset, the automatic update of assets are disabled for the asset.

You can enable the automatic update of assets again. Select the Auto-update Asset check box to enable the feature for the asset.

Note: The Auto-update Asset check box is available to enable the automatic update of assets only after you manually rename the asset and disable the feature.