Release 0.7.0

June 27, 2024

What's New?

New Feature: Threat Intelligence

Vulnerability Management Detection and Response (VMDR) has now added Threat Intelligence to its existing list of features. By introducing Threat Intelligence, we ensure that cyber threats are listed, and you can prioritize the remediation actions.


  • Comprehensive collection of widgets such as CVEs and asset count
  • CVE Search with Auto-Suggestion

Threat Intelligence Widgets

Following are the Threat Intelligence widgets:

  • Riskiest Asset Distribution by Geo-Location
  • Top 20 Trending CVEs in the Wild
  • Latest 20 CVEs with Weaponized Exploits
  • Top 10 CVEs Exploited by Malware
  • Top 10 CVEs Exploited by Threat Actor Groups

The widgets in Threat Intelligence provide filtered CVE data based on the QID and QVS. Each Threat Intelligence widget categorizes data by geo-location, trending CVEs, weaponized exploits, exploits by malware, and threat actor groups. 

The following screenshot displays the Threat Intelligence page and its widgets highlighted: 

For more information about Threat Intelligence widgets refer to VMDR Online Help.

New Tokens

Token Name Description
vulnerabilities.riskFactor.exploitType Use this token to get the list of QIDs on the type of exploits and its related vulnerabilities.
vulnerabilities.riskFactor.rti Use this token to get the list of QIDs with Real-Time Threat Indicators (RTI). 

Exploit Type and RTI are also listed in the TrueRisk Score and its Contributing Factors. For more information about the TrueRisk Score and its Contributing Factors, refer to VMDR Online Help.

TruRisk Enhancements

This release includes the following new enhancements.

Enhanced TruRisk Score Widget

The TruRisk Score widget has been significantly enhanced. It now shows the Top Risk Factors contributing to the overall risk associated with vulnerabilities within your IT environment. Comprehensively, these factors determine the overall risk related to the vulnerability by considering its inherent severity, its context within the organization's environment, and the current threat landscape.

If no top risk factors are found against the assets, then the Total Contributing Vulns will be displayed. 

Here's how to access this valuable information: Ensure you've enabled the Contributing Factors option in the widget's Advanced Settings.

For more information about the TruRisk Score Widget, refer to VMDR Online Help.

New in Multi-Grouped Table Widget: TruRisk Average Sort By

The Multi-Grouped Table widget now includes a TruRisk Average sort by filter. It helps determine the relative risk level of assets by their average risk score. 

For more information about this sort by filter, refer to VMDR Online Help.