Security Policy settings

Want to add a new security policy? Just go to Security > Policies and click the New Policy button.

Policy Details

Basic Information

Enter a unique name for the security policy.

When editing a policy, you can choose another owner. Initially the user who creates a policy is the owner.

Apply tags to the policy

Select from tags available in your account and save your policy. Then you can grant users access to the policy - just go to the Administration utility and edit user settings. Users with one or more of the applied tags in their scopes will have access to the policy.

Application Security

Detection categories and their sensitivity rating

Use the slider to configure the minimum confidence rating for each application security category. This allows you to filter out events. Events that are filtered out will not be considered during correlation and a final decision. Clear (un-check) a category if you do not want to apply any minimum confidence rating to a category.

Policy Controls

Threat Levels

You'll see a separate threat level setting for logging and blocking. We'll always log blocked events and for this reason the blocking level must be greater than or equal to the logging level.