Appliance status

In the Appliances table, hovering over a status icon shows information about what the icon depicts.

Status (Name column)

The status icon beside the Name column tells you the WAF appliance status.

Appliance in the active status. (Active) Last poll date was less than 5 minutes ago.

Appliance in the inactive status. (Inactive) Last poll date was more than 5 minutes ago.

Appliance in the deprovisioned status. (Deprovisioning) Appliance has been deprovisioned by a system administrator.

(Disabled) Appliance is not assigned to any clusters and is no longer in operation.

Version (Version column)

Displays the version number of the WAF appliance. The Outdated icon indicates an outdated version.

To upgrade a WAF appliance to the latest version see,

Upgrade specific WAF appliances

Upgrade WAF clusters


The appliance score represents computing power based on number of CPU's, cores, and speed.

Deployment (Last Update column)

The deployment status of appliances is displayed in the Deployment Status column. The Last Update column displays the latest date on which the Web Application and other configurations were pushed to the appliance.

Deployment status could be:

Appliance successfully deployed. Appliance configuration successfully deployed.

Appliance deployment in progress. Appliance configuration deployment is in progress.

Appliance deployment in  the pending status. Appliance configuration deployment has been requested but not yet started.

Failed appliance deployment. Appliance configuration deployment has failed.

Appliance with no web application deployed on it. No Web application is deployed on the Appliance.