Manage WAF clusters

A WAF cluster is the pivot between the web application and the appliance it is being proxied through. It is a group of one or more WAF appliances (or proxy-set). A WAF Cluster can contain several appliances, but each will act as standalone, while processing the traffic exactly the same way across all the appliances that are registered with the named Cluster. A Web Application can be proxied over several clusters.

You'll assign one or more web application clusters to each of your web applications. The registration code is used to register appliances on this cluster.

1) Go to WAF Appliances > WAF Clusters and click the New WAF Cluster button

2) Give your cluster a name, and click Finish

A WAF cluster can be assigned as many WAF appliances as your subscription allows to guarantee high availability and redundancy in your firewalling operations. Learn more

Tip - Here's a quick way to add an appliance to a cluster. Hover over a WAF cluster then select Add Appliance from the Quick Actions menu.


Tell me about cluster status

Upgrading WAF clusters