Adding Asset Tags to your web applications

You can tag web applications and security policies in your account.

How to share sites with other usersHow to share sites with other users

Any user whose scope shares a tag in common with an object will have access to that object. For example, if you add the tag Critical Sites to 2 sites in your account, any WAF user whose scope includes the Critical Sites tag will have access to those 2 sites.

Want to assign tags to a user's scope?Want to assign tags to a user's scope?

A Manager can do this using the Administration utility (this appears in the application picker).

Find a tag

Start typing the name of a tag to display matching tag names, or click the Drop down icon to display all tags.

Sample tag search to find a tag.

Display child tags

Click Expander icon to display child tags. Selected tags and those currently applied to the object you're editing are highlighted.

Child tags of a tag.

Apply selected tags

Click outside the tags list to apply the selected tags to the object. Tags assigned to the object appear below the Search or add a tag field.

Selected tags list.

Remove a tag

Click the Remove icon on the tag label to remove the tag from the object.