Custom Authentication

You may want to scan the same web application multiple times with different credentials for authentication. Use custom authentication to discover and validate vulnerabilities by performing more in-depth assessment of your web applications using different fields.

How to add custom fields for authentication record

1) Go to Web Applications > Authentication, click New Record.

2) Tell us the name of your authentication record.

3) Choose Custom for Authentication Type.  (Tip - Turn on help tips in the title bar and we'll help you do this).

Add Field: If your form contains fields other than login and password, you could add them.

Example 1: Form with custom fields. You need to add field name as input and the corresponding value.

Form example with custom fields.

Example 2: Form with Submit button. You need to add input field with default name @@@SUBMIT_CONTROL@@@". Set the value of this input fields with submit element name or submit element id or submit element CSS selector.

Form example with submit button.

Add Masked Field: If your form contains fields such as credit card number or other confidential information that needs to be masked, you can use masked fields.

Form example with masked field.