All About Burp Findings

Our integration with Burp Suite toolkit is the first in a series of integrations with attack proxy tools used primarily to conduct more advanced manual application penetration and validation testing. We recognize that there is a place for both automated scanning and attack proxies and we are combining the best of both approaches. Our Burp Suite integration gives you a way to store the findings discovered by the Burp Suite scanner with those discovered by WAS and share this information with multiple users. We support import of the Burp version 1.7.24.

How does it work?

If you use the Burp Suite toolkit for web application testing, you can manage Burp Scanner findings within your WAS account. To learn more about Burp Suite integration and further integration plans refer to this blog article at the Qualys Community.

We recommend you to try Qualys WAS Burp extension to easily import Burp-discovered issues into WAS. The Qualys WAS Burp extension is available at the BApp Store, located under the Extender tab within Burp Suite Professional. To learn more about Qualys WAS Burp extension refer to this blog article at the Qualys community.

Manage Burp Findings

Go here to learn how to import the burp report and view details about the issues imported with your report.

Burp Permissions

Go here to learn about user roles and permissions.










 at the Qualys Community.