Tell me about catalog entries

The Catalog is the staging area for possible web applications that you can choose to add to your subscription. You need to manually search the catalog to know which entries are truly web applications that should be scanned with WAS. The source of catalog entries are VM maps, VM scans and WAS scans in your account.

Select Web Applications and then click the Catalog tab to view the catalog entries in your account and take actions on them. The catalog will be empty until you (or another user) processes the VM maps, VM scans or launch WAS scans. Select "Update" above the catalog entries list to process vulnerability scans. Go to the Maps section to process maps results. After processing, the data in the maps results is added to the catalog.

* The Catalog is not available to Express Lite users.

Tell me about the entries

Each catalog entry is assigned a status for tracking.

New - A new catalog entry for a web application. Our service automatically assigns this status for a web application when it is created during map processing or vulnerability or WAS scan processing.

Rogue - A catalog entry for a rogue web application.

Approved - A catalog entry for a web application that is approved for scanning.

In Subscription - A catalog entry that has been added to the subscription as a web application. Users with appropriate permissions will be able to scan the web application identified by this catalog entry.

Ignored - A catalog entry for a web application that you would like to be ignored.