Configure DNS override settings

By default we'll use the DNS for the web application URL to crawl the web app and perform scanning. If you select a DNS override record, we'll use the mappings in your record instead.

There a few reasons you might want to do this. For example your web application does not have a DNS entry since it's in a non-production environment. Or the web application may have a different IP address in a non-production environment (e.g. development or QA) than in production.

What are the steps?

1) Go to Configuration > DNS Override and select New (above the list).

2) Tell use the DNS settings you want to use for scanning.

3) Launch a scan and select your DNS override record.

How to share records with other users

It's easy. Apply tags to your DNS override record. Then make sure the intended users have a tag in their scope that matches a tag applied to your record.

Assigning default records to your web apps

You can assign one default DNS override records to a web application. When assigned we'll use all the mappings in all of the selected records by default, each time a scan is launched on that web app.