Configure parameter sets

You can configure custom form parameter sets to override the existing default values provided by our service. A parameter set tells us the request parameter settings you’d like us to inject into your web applications during scanning. We provide a default set called Initial Parameters, and it’s easy to configure more.

How it works - We use these parameters when we identify forms and other request parameters used by the web application being scanned. (These settings are not used for authentication or Selenium scripts.)

Configure a new parameter set

1) Go to Configuration > Parameter Sets and select New Parameter Set (above the list).

2) Enter request parameter settings using our wizard.

3) Add your parameter set to the option profile you'll apply to your scan. Go to Configuration > Option Profiles and edit the profile and update the Scan Parameters.

4) Launch a scan and select the option profile you've configured with your parameter set.

Set the default for new option profiles

Just select the check box "Make this the default request parameter set for the subscription" and we'll select this parameter set by default when you create a new option profile, and when any other user in your subscription creates a new option profile.

Tip - Your account must have full permissions and scope to configure the default.

How to make the parameter set available to others

Apply tags to your parameter set  to make it available to other users. Users with a tag in their scope that matches a tag applied to a parameter set will be able choose it for scans.