Configure proxies

We are pleased to offer Proxy Support for web application scanning. This feature is available for internal scans using a scanner appliance.

You might want to run web application scanning through a proxy and this is useful for many things including the ability to record all requests from the scanner which can be helpful for consultants and IT security resources to prove they did not scan areas they were not supposed to, to help reach areas of a network that the scanner may not ordinarily be able to reach, and to help debug issues with our Support team.

Proxy Support is a limited availability feature. If you're interested in becoming an early adopter, please contact your Technical Account Manager or our Support Team.

Get started

1) Go to Configuration > Proxies and select New Proxy (above the list).

2) Enter proxy settings using our wizard.

3) Add your proxy to the web application settings (optional). Tip - This saves you time so you don't have to choose a proxy at scan time.

4) Start a new scan or create a scan schedule. Your scan settings must include a scanner appliance for internal scanning and a proxy. Tip - If your target web app has a default proxy you can choose to change the proxy for the current scan.

How to make the proxy available to others

Apply tag(s) to your proxy. Be sure users have at least one of these tags in their scope. That's all there is to it!