Proxy Settings

Name the proxy

Give it a name that will help you (and other users) identify it and select it for scans. You can enter a maximum of 64 characters.

Are you adding a new proxy? You'll notice you are the owner by default. Want to assign it to someone else? No problem, just save the proxy first and then edit it.

Tell us the proxy host

Enter the URL of your proxy server. Tip - For a secure URL, click http:// to switch to https:// You can enter a maximum of 2048 characters.

Authentication credentials

Does your proxy server require authentication? If yes enter the credentials to be used for authentication - username and password.

Why apply tags

This lets you easily select this proxy for your scans. Other users will be able to select this proxy as well, as long as they have one or more of the tags in their scopes.


Comments will be saved with the proxy configuration. You'll see the comments when viewing proxy details and when editing the proxy. You can enter a maximum of 2048 characters.