Report Permissions

Our service gives users Role-Based Access Control. Users are granted access to WAS features and functions based on Roles. These Roles are a consolidation of fine grained Permissions. Managers have full rights and can configure roles and permissions using the Administration utility.

How to find Roles

Within the Administration utility, you'll find roles and their related permissions in the Role Management section. For example the WAS Scanner role defines permissions for a Scanner user with permissions to the WAS module.

Choose a role and configure permissions for the role.

Tell me about Report Permissions

Reporting Permissions are assigned at global level and are applicable for all modules.

List of various permissions related to reports in WAS.

Learn more about Reporting Permissions

Create, Edit, Delete Report- These permissions specifically determine whether users are permitted to create, modify, or delete reports.

Still have questions?

How do I see a user's assigned roles and permissions? Go to the Administration utility and view/edit the user of interest.

Do you have Express Lite? If yes, you and other users in your subscription have full permissions. You will not need to customize permissions.