Report save settings

Report Format

Select a report format from the list provided. Tip - It's easy to set a default format for downloading reports. Just edit your profile settings - select My Profile under your user name (in the top right corner).

By downloading search results to your local system you can easily manage incidents or events outside of the Qualys platform and share them with other users. You can export results in multiple formats (ZIP, HTML, PDF, PPT, XML, CSV, CSV V2).

The CSV V2 report format is applicable for Web application report and Scan report. The CSV_V2 report format provides you information about 12 new fields in addition to all the fields that exist in CSV format. Example

Choose a time zone

We'll use this time zone to display all the dates in your saved report.

Secure PDF Settings

Enter and confirm the password to be used for viewing the report and, optionally, enter the email addresses for distributing the report.

Add tags to the report

Users with one or more of the applied tags in their scopes will have access to the report. Select tags from the drop-down list.

Suggested Tags

For a web application report or scan report, you'll see the tags associated with the report target. For a scorecard report or catalog report, you'll see your own scope tags.