Report Settings: Catalog Report

Name the report and provide a description

The name and a description will appear on the report header. The report name also appears in the reports list when you download and save the report.

Filter by entry status

Select the check box of each status you want to include and clear the check box for each status you want to filter out of the report.

Filter by creation date

Filter entries by the date they were added to the catalog. Click in the "Select a date" field and use the date picker. You can limit the report to entries added today; within the last week or month; on, before or after a specific date; or within a specific date range.

Filter by FQDN

Enter the fully qualified domain name.

Filter by operating system

Enter the operating system.

What contents  do you want to include?

Click to highlight the components (left) and graphs (right) that you want to include in the report. Grayed components and graphs are omitted from the report. Note that to include selected graphs, you must include the Graphs component.

Tell me about results grouping and sorting

The left column shows the included vulnerability groups and the order in which they appear in the report. Add groups to the report by clicking them in the right column. Groups are automatically added to the bottom of sorting order. You can define the sorting order by removing groups and adding them in the order you prefer.