Report Settings: Scan Report

Name the report and provide a description

The name and a description will appear on the report header. The report name also appears in the reports list when you download and save the report.

Which scan(s) do you want to report on?

After you select one scan, you can select any number of scans for the same web application.

What vulnerabilities to include

You might want to limit your report to certain vulnerabilities. It's easy, just add search lists (or vulnerability sets) to include or exclude. Each search list defines one or more vulnerabilities. Need to create new search lists? Just click the links to add them. "Create static list" lets you add a list of vulnerability QIDs. "Create dynamic list" lets you define vulnerability criteria - we'll include vulnerabilities that match this criteria when we create your report.

What vulnerability findings to include

Include vulnerabilities detected for a specific URL. Enter any part of the URL in the field provided.

Filter vulnerabilities by status. Select the check box for each status you want to include in the report and clear the check box for each status you want to filter out of the report.

What about ignored findings?

By default, ignored findings do not appear in reports. You have the option to include ignored vulnerabilities and sensitive contents. You can include ignored findings in addition to or instead of non ignored findings.

What contents do you want to include?

Click to highlight the components you want to include in the report. Grayed components are omitted from the report. Note that to include selected graphs in the report, you must select the Graphs component.

Tell me about results grouping and sorting

The left column shows the included vulnerability groups and the order in which they appear in the report. Add groups to the report by clicking them in the right column. Groups are automatically added to the bottom of sorting order. You can define the sorting order by removing groups and adding them in the order you prefer.

How do you want to show severity?

By default severity levels 1 to 5 (Lowest to Critical) are displayed. You have the option to choose Low, Medium and High.

Tell me about Custom Footer

Define a customized footer and it is displayed in the WAS report:Web application report and scan report (HTML and PDF formats). Use the report template when you generate the report and the custom footer is displayed in the reports.