Tell me about Report Templates

Using templates you can create reports with the specific information you're interested in, and it's easy to deliver the right information to any application stakeholder, whether it is an executive who needs a high level overview of the security program or a developer that needs vulnerability details for the web app he is responsible for. And with tags you can scope specific templates to different parts of your organization to bring more consistency to your web application scanning program.

I'm ready to create my report template. What are the steps?

It just take a couple minutes. Go to Reports > Templates and:

1) select New Template,

2) enter a name and select report settings (filters, display options), and

3) click Finish.

Ready to create your report? It's easy to run your report template. Hover over the template (in the templates list), select Run from the Quick Actions menu, and follow the steps in our Report Creation wizard.

Looking for something else?

Permissions to create reports using templates

- Other users need to be granted access to individual templates by a Manager.

Granting user access to a report template

Applying tags to a report template lets a Manager make the template available to other users. Specifically a Manager needs to:

 1) go to the Administration utility, and

2) add at least one of the template's tags to each user's scope.

Can't create or edit report templates?

Exclude username from reports