Schedules - The Basics

How often will my scan run?

You can schedule a one time occurrence or have the scan run daily (or every 2 days, 3 days, etc), weekly (or every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc), monthly (or every 2 months, 3 months, etc).

How many times will my scan run?

Your scan will run indefinitely unless you set the "Ends after N occurrences" option. Enter the number of times you want the scan to run in the field provided. When the set number of occurrences is reached, the schedule will become inactive.

What if I don't want the scan run time to exceed a certain number of hours?

Select the "Cancel scan after" option and enter the number of hours you want to allow the scan to run.

Can I be notified each time the scan runs?

Yes. Go to the Notifications section and select the check box "Activate Notification" and specify when you'd like the notification sent - days, hours or minutes before the scan starts.

You can tell us which email address should be used in the notification. The From Address dropdown populates two options: email address of the scheduled report owner and email address configured in your subscription (for example Choose one email address from the dropdown.

Choosing email address to configure notification for scheduled reports.

You can also add additional email recipients and enter a custom message for the notification.

Similarly, you could also configure scan completion, scan failure or scan cancellation notification in the Settings section.

Can I know which scans have schedules?

Granular filters are available  for quick filtering of Web application schedules.

Go to Web Applications > Web Applications and you can see the filters in Schedule Information section.

- Has a Scan Scheduled: Choose this filter to view web applications with active scheduled scans. You could further filter web applications depending on the type of scan: discovery or vulnerability.

- No Scan Scheduled: Choose to filter to view all the web applications except the one for which the scan schedules exist. You could further filter web applications depending on the type of scan: discovery or vulnerability

Various filters for Schedules available in the left pane of Web Applications tab.