Get the benefits of malware monitoring

Now there's an easy way to combine web application scanning and malware detection to ensure that your Internet facing web sites are free from web application vulnerabilities and malware. Web site malware is typically found only on Internet facing web applications. To learn more about these scan types refer to this blog article at the Qualys Community.

How do I enable Malware Monitoring?

Select Enable Malware Monitoring (in the web application settings) to set up a daily malware scan on your external application. You can enable Malware Monitoring for an external site only. The first scan will start within a few hours unless you choose another time. Show me

What happens if malware is detected?

The web application owner will automatically receive an email notification when a scan detects malware, unless you turn off the notification option.

How do I see the detections?

Look at the MDS Severity column in the web applications list. When a malware scan is finished the web application is assigned an MDS Severity of HIGH, MED, LOW or SAFE.

MDS Severity column indicating the severity of the malware detected.

How do I see the number of detections?

You'll see the number of detections in the web application preview pane. Click the number of detections to go directly to the detections list in the MDS application.

Clicking detection count in web application preview displays detection list.