Scanning using Selenium scripts

Use Qualys Browser Recorder to create a Selenium script. Qualys Browser Recorder is a free browser extension to record & play back scripts for web application automation testing. Qualys Browser Recorder includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing you to capture web elements and record actions in the browser to let you generate, edit, and play back automated test cases quickly and easily. It also allows you to select a UI element from the browser’s currently displayed page and then select from a list of Selenium commands with parameters.

Qualys Browser Recorder was developed based on Web Extensions API and supports running on Chrome browser. It retains all the features of the Selenium IDE and provides numerous advanced enhancements.

-Allows you to save test case scripts in HTML format

-Easy to use interface style and locators with target element selection.

-Supports opening, editing and running multiple test suites in one panel.

-Supports automatic triggering of test suites and processing them sequentially.

Need help with creating Selenium scripts?

It's easy to create a Selenium script using Qualys Browser Recorder that you can upload to your web application and/or authentication record settings within WAS.

Where do I get Qualys Browser Recorder?

Open the Google Chrome browser and go to Chrome Store. Search for Qualys Browser Recorder in the Chrome store and then add the extension to your Chrome browser.

Help me get started with Selenium scripts

Just follow a few simple steps to create a Selenium script and upload it to your web application settings. Learn how

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