EC2 Asset discovered by AWS Connector and Cloud Agent

EC2 instances discovered from the AWS cloud through both EC2 connector and cloud agents will now be automatically merged into a single asset within your Qualys subscription. This means you’ll no longer get duplicate asset entries for your EC2 instances, making your assets list more manageable.

Assets List in AssetView

You can query merged assets in AssetView starting with “provider: AWS” and any of the EC2 instance properties like Instance ID, etc.

You’ll see both Cloud Agent. (Cloud Agent) and Scan. (Scan) in the Sources column for a merged asset.

Search AWS assets in AssetView app.

Host Assets List in VM/VMDR, PC, SCA

Your merged asset will appear as a single entry on the Assets > Host Assets list with the tracking method AGENT. When you have existing assets merged with the help of Support you’ll notice that they’ll  switch from EC2 tracking to AGENT tracking, and your asset count will decrease.

Host assets list in the VM, PC or SCA apps.

How do I clean up my existing EC2 assets?

If you have existing assets and want them to be merged, please contact Qualys Support (from qualys.com/support) and request merging of existing EC2 assets.