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AssetView is our free asset discovery and inventory service. Now you have the ability to get instant visibility on all your assets in one place!

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The search box in the assets section gives you the power and flexibility to search all your asset data returned from scans and cloud agents in a matter of seconds.

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Customizable dynamic dashboards

Dashboards help you visualize your assets and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation. Add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in. You can also export and import Dashboard and Widget configurations, from the Actions menu, to a file in a json format allowing you to share them between accounts or within the Qualys community.

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Did you know? You can personalize the default dashboard - add widgets, resize them, move them around to change the layout.

Tip - Click on any section of a chart to see matching assets in your assets inventory.

You might want to install agents! This lets you get data for all kinds of assets - on your on-premise systems, dynamic cloud environments and mobile endpoints. It's easy! Choose Cloud Agent (CA) from the app picker and we'll walk you through it quickly.