Support for Azure Connectors

Configure Azure connectors for scanning Microsoft Azure resources for security issues using the Qualys Cloud Platform. Our Azure connector scans and detects virtual machines created using Resource Manager only.

Let us see what permissions are needed to create Azure connector.


Before you create an Azure connector, ensure that you have the following permissions:

- Assign Azure Active Directory permissions to register an application with your Azure Active Directory. Learn more

- Check Azure Subscription permissions to assign the application to a role in your Azure subscription. Learn more

How to configure Azure connectors

Go to the Connectors > Azure tab, select Create Azure Connector and our wizard will walk you through the steps.

Tip - We recommend you create at least one generic asset tag (for example Azure) and have the connector automatically apply that tag to all imported assets. You can add more tags to your Azure assets based upon discovered Azure metadata.

Set up Authentication Details

Provide a few connector details.

(1) Enter a name and description (optional) for your connector.

(2) Select the account type: Global or GovCloud. You can choose only one account type per connector.

(3) Set up the authentication details and copy/paste the authentication details into the form.

(4) In the Tags and Activation step, you could configure the following:

- Select the check box to activate assets for automatic scanning after discovery.

- Configure the tags for the connector.

(5) Click Create Connector.

That’s it! The connector will establish a connection with Microsoft Azure to start discovering resources from configured region.

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