EC2 Scanning support for AWS GovCloud (US)

Now you can easily scan EC2 instances included in the AWS GovCloud (US) region for vulnerabilities and policy compliance. All you need is the AWS GovCloud feature enabled for your subscription. Once enabled you can create EC connectors to pull instance info from the GovCloud (US) region, activate discovered instances for the VM and/or PC application (per your license), and scan them using our EC2 scan workflow.

Want to enable AWS GovCloud for your subscription? Sure thing. Just reach out to our Support Team or your Qualys Account Manager.

What are the steps? Navigate to AssetView (AV) > Connectors. Click the "Create EC2 Connector" button.

Create EC2 connector button.

Use our wizard to give the connector a name, description, and select the Account Type as GovCloud. The cross account details are auto-populated. Provide the Role ARN and click Continue.

Under Region Name the AWS GovCloud regions are populated. Select the required region and complete the steps for tags and activation as you like.

Review the configured settings and then click Finish to complete the connector creation process.