Tag your Microsoft Azure instances

Create dynamic tag rules to tag your Azure instances based on Azure metadata as collected by the Azure Connector. For each tag rule you’ll provide a search query with Azure instance information.

It's easy to get started! 1) Click New Tag, 2) choose the Cloud Asset Search tag rule, 3) select the cloud provider, and 4) enter your query. Just start typing in the Query field and we’ll show you the Azure attributes you can search.


Good to Know The syntax is different when writing queries for tag rules than when searching assets in the Assets list. Be sure to follow the syntax tips in the drop-down when writing your query.

Sample queries

Find Azure instances located in East US region:

azure.vm.location: eastus

Find Azure instances with specific group name:

azure.vm.resourceGroupName: MC_hkkube_hkaks2_eastus

Find Azure instances of standard size:

azure.vm.size: Standard*

Find Azure instances based on IPs (comma-separated list or range):

azure.vm.publicIpAddress: [ ...]

azure.vm.privateIpAddress: []

Find Azure instances for specific subscription ID:

azure.vm.subscriptionId: 1d767489-da0c-4948-a285-bf2c708c0586

Find Azure instances for specific tags:

azure.tags: (name: owner and value:amy)

Want to search for your Microsoft Azure Instances?

Use the search fields that start with azure. Note - Your results may return Deleted instances. It's recommended you include azure.vm.state in your query to reduce the number of results.