Tell me about agent errors

Linux / BSD / Unix / MacOS

These errors appear in log files for Linux/BSD/Unix/MacOS Agents. Where can I find the log files?Where can I find the log files?


/etc/rc.d //BSD



/var/opt/qualys/qualys-cloud-agent.log //Unix

/usr/local/qualys/cloud-agent/* //Linux/BSD, Unix

Q_Success = 0

Indicates Success.

Q_Retry = 100001L

It happens at the time of first Cloud Agent API Provision request when server may ask Agent to retry to collect resource information.

Q_Revoke = 100002L

When Agent is marked to uninstall itself from UI.

Q_IO_Incomplete = 100003L

Deprecated. While uploading Changelist (scan result) in chunks, if some error occurs.

Q_GenericError= 100004L

An unknown error. It may happen when signature verification couldn't complete due to some unknown reasons or ChangeList upload fails due to some unknown cause.

Q_EndOfData = 100005L

If manifest db is found empty.

Q_DatabaseError= 100006

If any error encountered while performing database (sqlite) operations.

Q_CommunicationError= 100007L

Any unknown communication issue. For example it may occur if Agent fails to detect machine local IP for some reason.

Q_SystemError = 100008L

Any system related issues e.g. not enough permission - selfpatch or revocation fails due to such issues.

Q_MemoryError = 


Q_JSONError = 100010L

Any issues faced while parsing json data, especially payload.

Q_SecurityError = 100011L

If validation check on server resource fails e.g. while downloading manifest or selfpatch pkg, security digest is not matched.

Q_Reprovision = 100012L

Reprovision required due to change in Activation Id.

Q_ScorchEarth = 100013L

When there's a hash mismatch (discrepancy) discovered between server and client's snapshot copies.

Q_InvalidDBSchema = 100014L

Wrong table schema inside sqlite dbs - Manifest or Changelist db.

Q_InvalidSnapshot = 100015L

Any Issues while processing Snapshot e.g. if snapshot doesn't belong to one of the known categories (VM/PC/Inventory) or corresponding Manifest UUID is not known or found etc.

Q_ResourceNotFound = 100016L

Corresponds to Http error code 404 e.g. invalid resource query.

Q_HTTPNoMap = 100017L

Any Http error code that doesn't fall inside the ranges defined for server or client errors.

Q_Reprovision_Clone = 100019L

In case Re-provision happens on account of clone detection - Agent will renew its existing UUID.

Q_ServerError = 100020L

Any un-mapped http error code that falls in server error range i.e. >=500.

Q_ClientError = 100021L

Http error code that falls within client error range i.e. between 400 to 500.

Q_ConnectionError = 100022L

Http error code 0 e.g. proxy is not reachable etc.

Q_ServerBusy = 100023L

Http error code 500 or 503 that shows server is under extreme load.

Q_AgentConfigError = 100025L

Any issue encountered while composing Cloud Agent API request payload, especially while populating Provision payload part.

Q_Backoff = 100026L

Similar to Q_ServerBusy, however sent by server through Cloud Agent API command.

Q_AuditChannelBusy = 100501L

Audit channel is busy and fimc cannot access it.

Q_AuditConfigLockError = 100502L

Audit config is lock in enviroment. you check this value in env using auditctl -s. if -e option is 2 then that means audit config is locked.

Q_FimPluginError = 100503L

For alternate approach, FimPlugin process is not running due to environment error.

Q_ManifestNotApplicable = 100504L

Manifest not applicable for scanning.

Q_DataCollectionAborted = 100505L

Data collection aborted during the scan.

Q_FimProcessNotRunningError = 100506L

FIM Process not running.

Q_FimProcessStopped = 100507L

FIM disabled OR fimc stopped due to agent shut down.

Q_PreRequisiteScanFailed = 100508L

If any pre-requisite scan is failed which is defined by HARD_DEPENDENCY_MODULES in manifest settings table.

Q_SSLCertVerificationFailed = 100509L

SSL certificate validation failed.


Additional Resource

You can check out the tutorial for Troubleshooting - Common Errors.