Network Support in Agent Activation Key

You can select a network with which the activation key can be associated with a region. When the agent is activated with the activation key, the associated assets are assigned to the selected network.

The values in the Select the Network field are populated with the list of networks created in the Vulnerability Management application. 

If the Select the Network field is not available, contact your Qualys representative. 

You can select the network from the Activation Key window while creating or editing the activation key. 

Network selection while creating Activation Key

- In the New Activation Key window, select the network from the options.

network selection while creating activation key

Network selection while editing Activation Key

- In the Activation Key window, select the network. 

network selection while editing acftivation key

- Select the Apply changes to all the existing agents check box to apply the changes to all existing agents associated with the selected key. 

- In the Apply to all agents dialog box, click Confirm.