Directly Assign Profiles to Agent Hosts

To ensure that an agent host always uses a certain profile you can assign it directly. This assignment will take precedence over the order in the profiles list. Each agent host can have one profile assigned. There are a few methods for doing this, as described below.

From the configuration profile

Go to the Assign Hosts section and choose one or more agent hosts. Each host you pick will be assigned the profile. Show meShow me

Configuration profile creation wizard - Assign hosts to a profile.

From the agent host

Go to your agents list and choose View Asset Details for any agent host. Then go to the Agent Summary section to see the profile assigned to the agent. Click Replace to change the profile. The profile will be updated at the next configuration download interval. Show meShow me

Replace configuration profile from within Asset Details.

Why do I see “Pending Assignment”?

Any time you change the profile assignment for an agent host (from the configuration profile or agent summary) you’ll see Pending Assignment until the change is downloaded to the agent. How long this takes is based on the Configuration Download Interval setting in the configuration profile (under performance settings). We recommend you set this to 1 hour (3600 seconds).