Suspend Scanning on all agents

You might want your agents to stop scanning their hosts. Just select "Suspend Scanning on all agents using this profile" in agent's configuration profile.

How it works

Your agents will stop scheduling scans once the profile is downloaded to the agent host. A scan in progress at the time of the profile download is allowed to complete including all scan subevents (e.g. change list upload, snapshot download, merging). Agents will continue to self update (get new versions), get manifest updates, and get configuration updates.

Agents activated for FIM: If you suspend scanning (enable the "suspend data collection" option) on an agent activated for FIM, and then assign a FIM monitoring profile to that agent, the FIM manifest does not get downloaded on the agent. The FIM manifest gets downloaded once you enable scanning on the agent.

CA configuration profile - General Info - Suspend data collection for VM, PC and Inventory for all agents using this profile.