Getting Started with CAR

You must have the user roles defined to get started with Qualys CAR. Not all users have access to execute all the operations; hence, user segregation is a better way to streamline the process of script execution in your environment.

Qualys CAR uses role-based access control (RBAC) permissions that control access to various functions.

Qualys CAR includes the following features:

- Provides a framework to maintain a repository of generic scripts that can be executed on assets and the output of the scripts is shared with the applications in your Qualys subscription.

- Allows the output of a script execution to be shared with other Qualys apps that are registered to fetch the script output.

A typical CAR workflow includes the following:

- Create a script

- Test a script (optional)

- Review a script

- Execute a script on demand (Run Now) or schedule its execution

To know more about the predefined roles in Qualys CAR, refer to Required Roles and Permissions for CAR.

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