Deploy Threat Scanners

Threat Scanners are used to fetch real-time updates on your configured cloud assets. Deploying Threat Scanners allow you to obtain the necessary keys to get started with Cloud Detection and Response.

Let's deploy your first Threat Scanner.

1) Navigate to the Configure tab in TotalCloud

The Configure tab displays your available CSPM connectors, and the Threat Scanners.

2) Navigate to Threat Scanners

3) Click Create Deployment to begin your scanner deployment.

4) You can find three input fields in the Create Deployment screen.

    a) Provide the name of the deployment.

    b) Provide the account Id of the cloud provider account you want to deploy Threat Scanners on.

    c) Select the region where the threat scanner must be deployed on.

After creating a deployment, the Registration and Insights key is visible. The 

Cloud Detection and Response Deployment Essentials

The Threat Scanner tab contains all the essential resources to onboard CDR on your cloud network. Refer below to under stand the essentials.

Download Scripts

Once you have created your first deployment,  the option to download scripts appear. This downloads the Terraform templates to set up CDR on your network. 

Click Download Scripts.

Once you have downloaded the scripts, extract the zip file to begin activating your CDR subscription. 

Registration Key

The Registration Key is available to you after your first deployment. The key is unique for each cloud provider. This key is required to set up the CDR connector.

Insight Key

The insight key is a global key to run the Insight API.

Now that you have deployed your threat scanner and downloaded the scripts. Proceed setting up Cloud Detection and Response.