Configure GCP Connectors

Configure GCP connectors for gathering resource information from your GCP account. The connectors are created on the Connectors application. You can merge your existing CloudView connectors or create a new one on the app.

Create a New Connector

New GCP connectors can only be created from the Connectors application. You can refer to the instructions mentioned in Connectors Online Help.

Merge Existing Connector

The changes to the CloudView connector configuration would not be allowed until you merge the CloudView connectors to Connectors application. You are requested to merge CloudView connectors to the Connectors application via the merge feature. After merging the connectors from CloudView, you can then update the connectors in the new Connectors application.

You can identify the connectors to be merged by looking for this  icon. Show me.Show me.

1) Click on the connector to merge.

2) From the quick actions menu, click on Merge Connectors.

3) Select the connectors to merge. Show me.Show me.

4) Authorize the merge and click on Merge.

Once the merge is complete, the connectors are visible in the the GCP tab without the  icon. The connector will continue to establish connection with GCP to start discovering resources from each region and evaluate them against policies.

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