View Your TruRisk Insights

TruRisk Insights is a report on the contributing factors of a TruRisk Score. Each TruRisk Insight is typically defined by a combination of contributing factors that, when present together, can exponentially increase the risk of the asset. These insights provide a detailed understanding of the risk landscape, enabling more effective risk management and mitigation strategies.

The Insights tab showcases a list of TruRisk Insights and the count of resources impacted by them. As you click any available insights, you learn about their contributing factors, the resources impacted, the insight details, and the possible mitigations.

You can also use tokens to narrow down insights related to the assets or specifications you require. Refer to Search for Insights to learn more about available tokens.

Let's dive deep into the insight, "Publicly exposed VM with TruRisk score > 800".

1 - Identifying which detected threats are considered for resources to be added to this insight report.

2 - The resources affected by the insight in the recent timeframe of 24 hours and 7 days.

3 - The impacted cloud provider accounts.

4 - An elaboration on the insight and its risks to your resources.

5 - The means of mitigation against the issues identified by insight.

6 - Use search tokens to search for resources the Insight applies to. Refer again to Search for Insights to learn more about available tokens.

7- Group the insight count by cloud provider or connectors. Select an option to see how many insights apply to each cloud provider/connector. Click any cloud provider or connector to see the impacting insights.

8 - The affected resources with additional information such as resource type, their total TruRisk Score, and the total number of insights on them.

Known Issues

The Insight Tab displays a maximum of 10,000 records of instances across all connectors under any given Insight. To retrieve specific data of any account, you can apply filters such as accountID, time range, etc., and reduce the number of results.