Manage Your Monitoring Profiles

The monitoring profile is where you'll associate a ruleset with the assets you want to monitor. It's also where you set up notifications so that the appropriate individuals and teams are notified of new alerts.


The Manager role has all the permissions to create, edit, view, delete, and disable the monitoring profiles. The Reader, Unit Manager, and Remediation user roles have permission to view the monitoring profiles.

How to create a new profile?

Go to Configuration > Monitoring Profiles and click New Profile. Follow the wizard to tell us which hosts you want to monitor, what you want to be alerted on (you'll select a ruleset), and which users should be notified (you'll select distribution groups). Learn more

Want to disable a profile?

You can disable a profile if you don't want alerts to be created from it. Choose Disable from the Quick Actions menu. Choose Enable from the Quick Actions menu to make the profile active again.

I created a new profile, and it appears disabled. How come?I created a new profile, and it appears disabled. How come?

Your profile will be disabled if you did not assign any distribution groups. Edit the profile and select at least one distribution group to make it active again. The distribution group determines which users can see the alerts created from the profile.

Are you looking for a profile?

The search area above the list allows you to search for monitoring profiles by the title, the name of the ruleset assigned to the profile, or the notification frequency setting. Click to select specific search criteria or use the search field to set up a search query.