Getting Started with Admission Controller

This topic provides an overview of Qualys Admission Controller. Qualys offers a unified helm chart 'qualys-tc' to install: 

The unified helm chart is hosted on ArtifactHub -

Qualys Admission Controller

You can use Qualys admission controller to verify and authenticate CREATE and UPDATE requests made to the Kubernetes API server. You can create security policies and enforce them on the admission controller to ensure that only valid requests are authorized to the Kubernetes cluster API server.

Here are a few benefits offered by the Qualys admission controller:

The following image illustrates the working of the admission controller: ??Insert image??

Supported Architecture

Qualys Admission Controller supports the following CPU architectures.


The steps given below show the workflow of Admission Controller.

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Getting Admission Controller Image
  3. Installing Admission Controller
  4. Admission Controller Output


The below points ensure the working of the Admission Controller.