Harbor Registry

The Harbor registry is supported for the Registry sensor. Follow the steps below to add a Harbor Registry in order to scan it.

  1. Download the Registry sensor. Go to Configurations > Sensors > Download Sensor and pick Registry. Select the Docker environment where you want to deploy the sensor and follow the installation instructions on the screen. Ensure the registry sensor is in Running state and continue to the next step.
  2. Go to Assets > Registries > New Registry to add your Harbor Registry and set up a scanning schedule.
  3. Provide the following information:
    • Registry Type: Choose registry type Docker V2-Private.
    • URL: Enter the registry URL.
    • Authentication: Enter authentication credentials for connecting to your registry.

      Admin credentials are required.

      If your Harbor registry version supports Token based authentication, then the sensor will perform the V2 catalog call with the authentication token. If authentication fails, then the sensor will automatically fall back to the Basic authentication method for the V2 catalog call.  

      Docker V2 Private Registry Type

  4. After adding registry information, click Next to enter scan settings. Like with other registry types, you can choose to scan immediately (On Demand) or on an on-going basis (Automatic). For help with scan settings, see Configure Scan Settings.